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Top Tips For Playing Slots - Playing Slots Online

People often think that playing slots has no skill element and it is down to luck alone whether you come away a winner at the end of your gaming session.

For the majority of people this is true but there are a small number of players especially online who continually make a profit each month by their online slots playing.

These players always choose to accept a casino bonus from their favored online casinos, and as each month most online venues will give loyal players a monthly match bonus the savvy player can immediately double their bankroll and by playing low variance slots can often end their session with a small profit.

By shopping around and accepting the best new player and also the top monthly match bonuses great value can often be had, and if you don't mind playing at different casinos this could also be an option for you.

Another tip is to checkout the payout percentages of the slot games you are interested in playing, as not all slots have generous paytables and there can be some huge differences in what each one pays out.

Take Rival powered casinos for example they have two video slots the Future Fortunes slot and the Fantasy Fortune slot they both have similar gameplay but the former has a payout percentage of 99% and the latter has a payout of 96%, a difference of 3%

That might not seem a lot but over the course of a few slot sessions the difference in the payout percentages can and will have a dramatic effect on your bankroll, so our best tip is always check the game rules and see what the payout percentage of each slot is and avoid the lower paying ones.

A final tip is to always make sure you are signed up to the online casinos' comp club, some casinos need you to register separately to become a comped player and by doing so you will be earning valuable points for every real money spin you make.

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